"One man's trash is another man's treasure"- Fred Sanford

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buy buy buy those vintage linens and usem everyday!!


EVERY garage sale, thrift store has these old, vintage, sometimes stained linens. BUY THEM! Haggle to get them for a dime. Use them everyday.....so easy to grab and throw them in any load. Linen is a very strong textile. It doesnt matter if they have someones initials on them or if they get wrinkled. This will save you money on paper products, and when they get holes or gross, you have instant rags. It's a 2fer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Metal wall decor......OR

These metal wall hangings,of all sizes and shapes  (which by the way can be found at ANY garage sale  like these 2 were for about 2-5 bucks each---haggling is the way to go). They are pretty hung indoors, yes. But, hang them outside and during the summer you can keep your pool and backyard area clean and organized because you will always have a place to hang things, from suits to towels to goggles. In the winter, leave em alone, they will patina nicely! I have posted a few samples from my own patio.

Wall sconces are pretty...PRETTY USEFUL

These french wall sconces are quite fancy! With the candles, they glow...but that is all. Now when you take out the candles and add sewing items for a guest, they REALLY serve a purpose. Simply take down that picture in your guest room and hang this, your houseguest will thank you for it, promise!