"One man's trash is another man's treasure"- Fred Sanford

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Remember these old VCR/Projector carts from elementary school?? A teacher friend of mine had one to throw out (as classrooms are much more sophisticated these days). THROW OUT?? My friend didn't think even I could find a use for this old dinosaur.....yea right. So here is the old roly cart-so sad!!

So, all metal, great wheels with locks, faux wood door!!!

HELLO-Pool Party Cart!!
Paint the door orange.
I painted the sun by placing an old round coaster in the middle of the door and cut tile pieces (from another project ) around the coaster to make my sun. I then painted the whole door light blue. Let it dry at least 2 days. SUNSHINE!!

After a few days I bagged the door and painted the whole cart blue.

Then you just need to add the finishing touches!

 I placed S hooks through the holes in the back ledge (originally used for the extension cords I believe). These hooks now hold goggles and pool games!

 When it is MARGARITA time, just let your significant other know with a magnet and paper. You will be a star!
 Bottle opener with a magnet on the back.

 These wheels have locks to prevent accidents around the pool.



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buy buy buy those vintage linens and usem everyday!!


EVERY garage sale, thrift store has these old, vintage, sometimes stained linens. BUY THEM! Haggle to get them for a dime. Use them everyday.....so easy to grab and throw them in any load. Linen is a very strong textile. It doesnt matter if they have someones initials on them or if they get wrinkled. This will save you money on paper products, and when they get holes or gross, you have instant rags. It's a 2fer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Metal wall decor......OR

These metal wall hangings,of all sizes and shapes  (which by the way can be found at ANY garage sale  like these 2 were for about 2-5 bucks each---haggling is the way to go). They are pretty hung indoors, yes. But, hang them outside and during the summer you can keep your pool and backyard area clean and organized because you will always have a place to hang things, from suits to towels to goggles. In the winter, leave em alone, they will patina nicely! I have posted a few samples from my own patio.