"One man's trash is another man's treasure"- Fred Sanford

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Remember these old VCR/Projector carts from elementary school?? A teacher friend of mine had one to throw out (as classrooms are much more sophisticated these days). THROW OUT?? My friend didn't think even I could find a use for this old dinosaur.....yea right. So here is the old roly cart-so sad!!

So, all metal, great wheels with locks, faux wood door!!!

HELLO-Pool Party Cart!!
Paint the door orange.
I painted the sun by placing an old round coaster in the middle of the door and cut tile pieces (from another project ) around the coaster to make my sun. I then painted the whole door light blue. Let it dry at least 2 days. SUNSHINE!!

After a few days I bagged the door and painted the whole cart blue.

Then you just need to add the finishing touches!

 I placed S hooks through the holes in the back ledge (originally used for the extension cords I believe). These hooks now hold goggles and pool games!

 When it is MARGARITA time, just let your significant other know with a magnet and paper. You will be a star!
 Bottle opener with a magnet on the back.

 These wheels have locks to prevent accidents around the pool.



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