"One man's trash is another man's treasure"- Fred Sanford

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Light it up! Get a little FUNKY!!!

Okay, so after a few failed attempts at making the very large lamp shade look normal, I went through some old linens and found this sheer polyester round tablecloth with leaves painted on it.  I did not paint them, trust me it would not have been pretty if I tried.After a few attempts and some careful cutting with some sharp sewing scissors, careful glue gun application, and pulling the material tight so it would not gather, this is the result.  I love how the sheer material lightens up the old shade and takes away some of the "age".  It is so "summerish" to me.  Think I will keep it...

Wow this lamp shade needs some DESPERATE updating!!
Found these two lamps at Garage sales. Different sales, same neighborhood (something was trendy back in the seventies ya think?)  But I lovem'...they just scream SPRING---so earthy. The green lamp was 8.00 and the copper lamp just 5.00.Quick clean-ups brightened up the glass bulbs. The lamps shades were quite dated so of course I recovered the green lampshade (seen in pic) and the brown  lampshade is a work in progress but I wanted to post some before picures because this lamp shade is very obnoxious and big. I will post when I complete the transformation...stay tuned.

aahhhh...a blank canvas!

I picked up this canvas picture ( you know the ones with the printed photo and glossy finish) at a garage sale for 2.00. The picture was some unattractive Mardis Gras illustration; but the right size. So, I fished into some of the sheets I've purchased for pennies from sales of the past, used one to wrap the canvas, stapled the back and created my own design with stencils and paint I already had  on hand. I also like that I can add or change it out any time...but I will enjoy it for awhile I think!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bookshelves...yawn.......come on!!!

My bookshelf is an entry table, picture show, book holder and bookshelves (out of books). Stack books all ways and put all your priceless chochkies on top.Change it out when you get bored or seasonally or do what I do and put things out and only move them around when something falls or my dog bumps it off and it breaks.  Time to go to another garage sale. Good times.

Glassware can be boring-put some SPRING into it!

We all have those plain glass containers.Pretty shapes help, but color is better and not just from flowers. Dust off those canisters and display them again with pretty scarves or scrap pieces, then place your candles or flowers. Colored glass is pretty and expensive; so create your OWN with the pieces you already  have on hand!