"One man's trash is another man's treasure"- Fred Sanford

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tip of the day (or night)

Like a clean smelling house but hate all the actual cleaning? Stick a bounce dryer bar inside the AC vent of a family room or hallway (not a bedroom). Your house willl always have that clean clothes smell and they can't be seen like those plug-in things. Cost is cheaper than a nice candle and it lasts a lot longer...try it and let me know if it works for you too!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

What to do with extra material (that you LOVE)

 This light spring material totally changes the look of this table.
This lampshade was a garage sale find that was dented in one side. The owner said I could take it since no one would buy it anyway because of the damage.....I just smiled and said THANKS!! The project was a cinch with this pretty material and a little hot glue, this lamp has a whole new look.

Summer travel and souvenirs for a STEAL!!

Heading out on vacation and no money for those fancy souvenirs? While traveling abroad, backpack on and barely enough money for a hostel, I still needed those memories from my travels. Seeing posters for museum openings and festivals posted all over town gave me an idea. I simply asked the merchant owner if I could have one that was in his window and BAM instant souvenir. Something light and something that could fit in my pack. Not only did it have the town I was traveling in, but also the month and year so I will never forget my travels as I stare at them on my wall everyday.  Framing is costly, so I  kept with a basic silver frame that I knew would never go out of style. These make EXCELLENTconversation starters as well .This idea can be used whether travelling to Europe, or the local strawbwerry festival....... 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

seashell mirrors are so yesterday....

So, I used Coral on this mirror!!! Several months of collecting random peices of coral (mostly gray and white) from garage sales and friends (and one very fun snorkeling trip) resulted in this mirror. I really scored once when I found someone selling their aquarium and sold me all their coral (really big pieces for only $20.00!)! It is HEAVY but I love it!! Every time I look at it I remember who gave me the pieces and of my vacation...it is a "memory mirror".  Oh and you must use a heavy duty clear contact cement to keep this project together. Keep your glue gun handy too for those small chunks that do not want to stick.

Good night...Sleep in STYLE!!

This was a fun project! Found this head and footboard at a church thrift sale for 10 bucks. I had rails from a previous project. It was covered in black paint so I stripped and stained. I then added these pretty and inexpensive tiles ($4.00) each. TThe tiles not only add the aged look I wanted but also hid some damage to the veneer. End result; a beautiful nights sleep!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Handbags are decorative too!!

wow did this vintage beaded handbag collection come in handy. A design like this can grow with a little girl from something pretty to something she can really use as she grows (even if just for dress up!!)

Paint and update

This table needed a fresh coat of black, some silver on the pulls, and a vintage silk scarf to replace the "leather with the burnholes" insert that was in there originally. A peice of plexiglass protects your work. this also allows you to change out the textile on a whim, or seasonally...

Fun with tables!

I love textiles!! One of my favorite projects are to find tables with glass or leather inserts, remove them, and add a colorful silk scarf or vintage textile design.

I then place the glass or purchase of peice of plexiglass to fit and protect the design.

vintage record console to updated entertainment unit

I found this at a thrift shop ($15.00).  So I stripped out the equipment,speakers, added doors ($7.00) ,hardware ($6.50)  painted the top (already had the paint) and polished up the natural wood.  Now, I use the interior compartment to store videos, the sides for equipment, and have hung the flat screen TV above for a compact entertainment area. Total cost: $28.50